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Fabulous Healthy Necklace with MECHANICAL QUANTUM Energy – Galaxur Bio Energy Crystal, be able to HELP enhancing your healthy level of body, mind and Soul. ONLY Rp 2.500.000 Rp 1.800.000

If you (or husband/ wife/family members) have healthy issues which never healed yet and not becoming better for a long time, although you have had treatment everywhere, medically and non medically, have consumed many kinds of chemical drugs and herbs, but did not find any real results, maybe there is Negative Energy inside your body which hinder your health recovery process.

Then, give a try to Galaxur Necklace, a crystal with LIFE FORCE ENERGY radiance, which is The Universe Positive Energy. This energy comes from God and you can feel the effect.

Galaxur Necklace is not inanimate objects, but SCIENTIFIC OBJECT which is really having ENERGY.
Mr. Rudy Winata as an Energy Master and person in charge for galaxur in Indonesia explains it. Watch this video!

What is Galaxur?

Crystal galaxur necklace is a medical tool which is created by a doctor from England through research since 1978. It originally created to help healing process of cancer, tumor, and cysts. Crystal Galaxur Bio Energy – Created from 36 kinds of high energy crystal stones, which are pure and having the best quality, taken from all over the earth. Its creation process use nano technology and heated above temperature 1600 Celsius Degrees, resulting in the resonance of energy necessary for the human body. And 30 years later, in 2008, galaxur was introduced to the masses through Malaysian galaxur company. Its energy can gather, focus, and radiate power to restore body balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. One of the main purposes is to smooth blood circulation, so that the supply of oxygen to the whole body becomes more leverage, more fluent and constant, then stamina will increase 40-50% depending on how much our body’s absorption of energy. Positive energy which is radiated by galaxur healthy necklace is Mechanical Quantum Energy, not physical quantum. The basic principle of this energy is eternal and can be transformed. During the transformation process, some parts of the energy turn into heat which aims to regulate the balance of the body.


Galaxur Benefits

Crystal Galaxur Bio Energy give benefits to our body health by using it periodically and continuously. It also helps the process of health repair and recovery from medical and non medical diseases to better conditions than ever before. Including provide benefits for the environment of houses and other buildings, because it contains * :

  1. Far Infrared Rays (FIR): Serves to neutralize the pain, aches, and remove toxins / impurities that exist in our bodies. The point is to help increasing cell growth and immune (antibodies). *
  2. Anion (Ion Negatif): As a neutralizing harmful positive ions such as radiation so Anion is referred to as “Air Vitamins”. Another benefit is to help relieving stress, emotions and depression, including autistic and hyperactive children. And for senile elderly people can be improved for the better. *
  3. Positive Energy (Life-Force Energy): It comes from God and transmitted within a radius of 5 meters.

The energy power of this latest generation of 2017 bio-pendant crystal is 4000-5000 cpm (tested by Inspector, count per 2 minutes). It will decrease after using because energy goes into the body. But by rotating it to the left, facing the ground for a few seconds, the energy will return as before.

The nature of the energy power of the universe or this positive energy comes from God. So it can help us avoid negative energies such as hypnosis, witchcraft, evil spirits, the spirits of the dead, and radiation from alien plane. *

* Disclaimer: The result obtained by each person is different depending on the various conditions and factors. All information on this web .com is as one reference source only.

Galaxur Scientific Testing with Microscope

Scientific tests on the Galaxur using a microscope tool shows that the Galaxur is able to help smoothing the flow of blood in the blood vessel system when the Galaxur near or attached to the skin.

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Galaxur User Testimonials

Name : Nyoman Surya, born in Bali, 1967

Health problems: 5 years of ulcers and waist pain

Message and Testimony Impression :

It’s been more than five years suffering from ulcers and waist pain due to self-drive every day. Then I tried to buy the product Galaxur Crystal Bio Energy and immediately wore it. Within one week, I felt my ulcers and waist pain miraculously improved and healed to this day. * Thank you for the benefits of this Galaxur product. Hopefully it can give more value for the society.

* Disclaimer: The result obtained by each person is different depending on the various conditions and factors. All information on this web .com is as one reference source only.

* Disclaimer: The result obtained by each person is different depending on the various conditions and factors. All information on this web .com is as one reference source only. Read Other Testimonials

Unique Phenomena during Galaxur Therapy

Galaxur Therapy Video – Helps Quell Negative Energy : One of the videos on November 10, 2016 with Mr. Rudy Winata, Energy Master. The client to be treated has already manifested / possessed even before therapy actually started. After a few minutes of therapy, the negative energy (it is a devil unable to speak clearly) did not want to give up. Finally, by God’s command, the negative energy was extinguished. Client became healthy as usual. *

Let’s wear the Galaxur necklace as a shield right now!

* Disclaimer: The result obtained by each person is different depending on the various conditions and factors. All information on this web .com is as one reference source only.

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How to Get the Original Galaxur Necklace?

For those who are interested in having original Galaxur necklaces, either for yourself, parents, children, other family members, or your friends, you can buy them ONLINE through this site as Galaxur AUTHORIZED AGENT based in Denpasar, Bali. For those outside of Bali, Galaxur will be shipped via J&T Express / JNE / Tiki / Post Office. While you are on the island of Bali, Galaxur can be shipped using Post Office / JNE / J&T Express, or come directly to our office at Jl. Betngandang I Gg. SD 4 No 2 Sanur Kauh, Denpasar – Bali.

Price IDR 2.500.000 IDR 1.800.000
You will get a galaxur necklace package of IDR 1,725,000 and donation to charity IDR 75,000

FOR ORDER, you can directly contact us via WhatsApp:
JYANIA +62 851 0121 6204

GALAXUR Necklace Only

Galaxur power energy warranty will not be lost forever. It can even be inherited. Although apparently ugly and expensive, thousands of people have used it and get good benefits from this galaxur necklace. Both medically and non-medically


JYANIA +62 851 0121 6204

GALAXUR + Energy Therapy

Get BONUS: once healthy body, mind and soul therapy directly by Energy Master, Mr. Rudy Winata. This therapy will greatly help cleansing your body and soul from negative energy because the Positive Energy of the universe will be given during therapy.


JYANIA +62 851 0121 6204


Get BONUS : once energy training held in Bali according to the schedule specified. You can have the ability as a healer for yourself, family, or others. Trained directly by Energy Master, Mr. Rudy Winata.


JYANIA +62 851 0121 6204

More Benefits of Galaxur Crystal

As it radiates the positive energy of the universe, the bio pendant galaxur is also useful for agriculture, plantation, and farms. In this case include plants, fruits, and other living things, such as wine, lime, milk chocolate, soft drinks, fish, birds, etc. *

If bio energy crystal galaxur worn as a necklace (close to the heart) attached to the skin, it will help providing additional energy to our body, so we do not easily tired. The benefit for the heart is to help pumping blood lighter / easier. As the smallest blood vessel blockage can be made more smoothly, especially in the veins. *

If any part of the body feels sick, then paste or rub the pendant on it. The Galaxur necklace will help reducing the pain. *

* Disclaimer: The result obtained by each person / environment / plant is different depending on the various conditions and factors. All information on this web .com is as one reference source only.

Drinking water that contains bio energy crystal galaxur helps enhancing health benefits, because:

  1. Water with galaxur energy is micro-cluster. That will more easily become absorbed into the blood vessels in the body and help making the cells in our blood more dilute and experience cells regeneration, so that our body feel fresher and younger. *
  2. It helps organ function better than before. *
  3. It helps the process of transporting bacteria, toxins, and foreign objects, out of the body (called the detoxification process), generally through urine, feces, sweat, and cough. *

* Disclaimer: The result obtained by each person / environment / plant is different depending on the various conditions and factors. All information on this web .com is as one reference source only.

Ringkasan Manfaat Bio Kristal Galaxur

By purchasing a galaxur necklace for IDR 1,800,000, you get benefit of IDR 5,000,000:

  1. It can help facilitating the circulatory system (cardiovascular and heart system) so as to increase blood flow to vital organs. *
  2. It can help neutralizing / reducing negative effects of radiation of electronic objects and mobile phones. *
  3. It can help the process of toxins removal from the blood and foreign objects in the body (such as kidney stones, lung spots). *
  4. It can help improving unstable mental and emotional, hyperactive, autistic, and senile for the elderly (amnesia).*
  5. It can help slowing down the aging process and provide additional energy, so the body does not get tired easily. *
  6. It can help protecting the body and environment from negative energy. *

* Disclaimer: The result obtained by each person / environment is different depending on the various conditions and factors. All information on this web .com is as one reference source only.

How to Use Galaxur Pendant

There are still many people using this galaxur necklace just by wearing it. But in fact, there are many ways of utilizing the bio-crystals of Galaxur in order to obtain maximum results :

  1. Wear a galaxur and do not let it go. Wherever you go, wear galaxur to keep your body protected, the radius of 5 meters ball means to your onwards and backwards, up and down, right and left, in all directions of 5 meters. Many of the cases we encounter, people who are physically and mentally healthy, and no disturbance from negative energy will feel nothing when using galaxur. But the galaxur will keep working and help protecting the person from both medical and non-medical health problems. If anyone is afraid to look at, or hold a galaxur, or run away from galaxur, or feel hot near the person who uses the original galaxur necklace, it is definitely there is a disturbance of negative energy inside the person’s body. * Please help them getting rid of the negative energy.
  2. When using galaxur, if there is a discomfort feeling, whether it is dizziness, heat, nausea, throws up, abnormal urinary and feces, a stinging and bad smell of urine, sweat, continuously flu, tears that keep coming out, there is inflammation that suddenly appears on our body and it feels very sick, many more that does not make sense, then take it easy. The reactions that occur in each person vary depending on what the user suffered. That’s galaxur sign is working to help recovery process of medical and non medical health disorders. Or it’s often called the process of throwing away of toxins (detoxification). * Please keep wearing the galaxur to maximize the detoxification process.
  3. Wherever it hurts, paste / rub the bio crystal of Galaxur in the opposite direction of clockwise. When stung by poisonous animals (snakes, fire ants, wasps, etc.) immediately put it in the part of the body of the sting. Whatever the pain you feel (achy, dizzy, bumpy because of sharpness, blue from being hit / pinched, etc.), immediately attach / rub it by circular motion to the left. Just one place that should not be attached to the Galaxur bio crystal, that is the crown because it will cause dizziness, then lose balance, so you will fall (except when you lay down on the bed, it’s okay). Here I emphasize that the Galaxur bio-crystals do not transmit the disease from one person to another. So you can help people you accidentally encounter with health issues whether medical or non medical.
  4. Drinking galaxur energy water. You can make this water by soaking galaxur into drinking water for 5 minutes or more. Better yet, if you have one special galaxur to soak in drinking water. Another way is to paste galaxur in a drinking water container for 5 minutes or more. To kill the germs, put galaxur on the tongue for 30 minutes, under the tongue for 30 minutes. Remember wash the bio Crystal galaxur before it is put into the mouth. Energy water is very good for your physical and spiritual health. And it can also be used to help neutralizing the interference of negative energy in a place*. For example : By splashing energy water into your homeyard, it has made your homeyard protected from negative energy. It can also be splashed in the place of business and all the places you want. Energy water is also good for plants and pets.
  5. Use bio Crystal galaxur like a magnifying glass. Wherever part of your body hurts, find sunlight around 11.00 am like burning paper with a magnifying lens. If it is too hot, set the fire point position by ups and downs of the galaxur bio Crystal.
  6. This is very important. Hold tightly to the galaxur bio crystal rope, tuck in the pinkie to make it stronger and rotate counter-clockwise around your house. The intention is to neutralize your home from negative energy (witchcraft, evil, etc.) *. If there is a toddler who often cries at night, rotate galaxur bio Crystal counter-clockwise for the toddler to calm down again. Before rotation, radius of crystal galaxur is 5 meters around. When rotating then the radius will double to 5X. There are some cases that not logic when the galaxur is rotated. Take it easy. That is a sign there is a negative energy in that place that runs away because it can not stand the energy emitted by the galaxur.

The result obtained by each person / environment is different depending on the various conditions and factors. All information on this web .com is as one reference source only.

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